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How to prevent occupational diseases when using a computer

How to prevent occupational diseases when using a computer

Posted April. 24, 2001 17:47,   


Holding the head correctly, slightly pulling the chin inward and downward and throwing out the chest are always good for health. These are also recommended when working in front of a computer. In particular, if you work for a long time with the mouse too far away, stretching your shoulder, you will feel pain in your shoulder and back muscles. Therefore, you are advised to place the mouse near to you, so you can hold it easily with your arm bent naturally.

Employers are advised to prepare desks at a high level so that their employees do not have to look at the monitor with their heads down. If you feel pain for the first time, you should rub your neck or shoulder with a steamed towel for 20 to 30 minutes. This will help prevent the pain from being chronic.

Neck exercise is also helpful. Raise your neck straight, pull your chin inward to the neck and then push your head in the four different directions, keeping your neck in place. Repeat this for ten seconds in each direction. Sticking plasters are more effective than sprays.

Going up and down the stairs from time to time during the work day is helpful for preventing pains, and a low pillow is recommended for sleeping at night.

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