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Amb. Choi: Japanese gov`t responsible for textbook distortion

Amb. Choi: Japanese gov`t responsible for textbook distortion

Posted April. 13, 2001 18:06,   


Ambassador to Japan Choi Sang-Yong said Friday that the Japanese government is responsible for the distortion of history in a Japanese textbook for middle schools. Choi, who was recalled from Tokyo Tuesday, told reporters, ``Despite the modification of as many as 137 accounts, the general flow, spirit and the view of history (of the textbook) testify to an evident retreat in the Korea-Japan partnership.``

``I firmly believe that the Japanese government should assume the responsibility for its judgment that the controversial textbook is right,`` he said during a meeting with reporters at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The ambassador, in particular referring to the deletion of descriptions about the ``comfort women,`` sex slaves for Japanese soldiers, pointed out that there was an apparent concealment, scaling-down and distortion of historical facts. ``Does this conform to the spirit of the joint declaration for Korea-Japan partnership based on (Japan`s) acute repentance and apology from the bottom of its heart?`` the ambassador argued.

He said, ``As soon as I return to Japan, I will meet Japan`s prime minister and foreign minister to deliver our government`s message and will make the just demand for the revision of the erroneous descriptions of facts.``

Ambassador Choi also said, ``The most symbolic concealment of historic facts is the deletion of the comfort women issue.`` He stressed, ``The accounts about comfort women should be contained in the textbook whatever the circumstances. The whole world has already confirmed the issue as a historic fact and Japan`s cabinet ministers recognized it.``


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