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MOFAT ststement the Japanese screening of history textbooks

MOFAT ststement the Japanese screening of history textbooks

Posted April. 04, 2001 17:29,   


1. The government of the Republic of Korea expresses its deep regret about the outcome of the Japanese government`s screening of junior high school history textbooks. Although the Japanese government explains that the screening process was carried out in accordance with the so-called "consideration of the neighboring countries" clause, some of the textbooks that have passed the screening process still include contents rationalizing and beautifying Japan`s past wrong doings based upon a self-centered interpretation of history.

2. The Korean government is gravely concerned that the distorted view of history that such textbooks are likely to instill in Japan`s growing generations is not only undesirable for Japan`s future and its responsibilities in the international community but also highly detrimental to Korea-Japan relations.

3. The Korean government strongly urges the Japanese government to take fundamental measures to prevent such distortions of history, based upon the recognition of history as contained in the "Joint Declaration on a New Korea-Japan Partnership for the 21st Century" adopted on the occasion of the state visit to Japan by President Kim Dae-jung in October 1998 as well as in the "Special Statement on the 50th Anniversary of the End of World War II" made by then Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Tomiichi Murayama in 1995.

4. The Korean government will work out the necessary measures to take based on further analysis of the outcome of the screening in close consultation among the expert authorities.

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