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Nine good destinations for `spring outings`

Posted March. 28, 2001 18:34,   


This is the season of spring flowers. Here are nine good destinations recommended for a family excursion.

`Sansuyu Village` in Ichon, Kyonggi Province:

Another celebrated locality in Ichon, Kyonggi Province, which is famous for rice of good quality and ceramics, is a village at the foot of Mt. Wonjok (563 meters) where ``sansuyu`` trees live in stock. Ichon City Hall holds an annual ``Sansuyu Festival`` on Apr. 6-8. For further information, call the tourism department of Ichon City Hall at 031-644-2114.

`Maengbang Cherry Blossom Road` in Samchok, Kangwon Province:

A fantastic street flanked with cherry blossoms stretches along the coastal national road near Maengbang Beach in Kundok-myon, Samchok City. The landscape is hard to be found in other mountainous regions in Kangwon Province. Full cherry blossoms make a marvelous tunnel for visitors in late April. For further information call the department of tourism development of Samchok City Hall at 033-570-3545.

`Mt. Songju Natural Rest Forest` in Poryong, South Chungchong Province:

Visitors will enjoy a walk and ``forest bath`` while appreciating the budding green leaves of spring on their way up to the summit of Mt. Songju (680 meters) known as a rest forest in Songju-myon east of Poryong City. In the vicinity of the forest are the sites of the Temple Songju and a coal museum. For further information, call the rest forest management office at 041-930-3529.

`County Park at Wibong Fortress` in Wanju, North Cholla Province:

A trip to County Park at Wibong Fortress will bring you to the cherry blossom tunnel at Temple Songgwang-sa, an old Buddhist temple, Wibong-sa, housed in the heights of Wibong Village, Wibong Fortress that has still some remains and Wibong Falls, the origin of the Dongsang Reservoir. A visit is recommended when the April cherry blossom festival is held in Soyang-myon. For further information, call Wanju-gun office`s cultural and information department at 063-240-4224.

`Kumchon Pear Village` in Naju, South Cholla Province:

In the area of Naju south of Kwangju Metropolitan City is a vast field of pear trees. In particular, this pear tree field paints the yellow soil of Naju Plain white with its flowers, commanding a magnificent view. This place is recommended for a family or lovers` spring outing. For further information, call the cultural and information department of Naju City Hall at 061-330-8542.

`Mt. Talma and Temple Mihwang-sa` in Haenam, South Cholla Province:

Mt. Talma in Haenam stands just 489 meters, but shows marvelous rocks and peaks, dubbed ``Mt. Kumgang`` in South Cholla Province. On the mid-slope of the mountain is located Temple Mihwang-sa with 1,000 years of history, and visitors can enjoy light hiking, enjoying the wild flowers and tender greens at Mt. Talma in spring. For further information, call the cultural and information department of Haenam-gun office at 061-530-5227.

`Chipum Peach Flower Village` in Yongdok, North Kyongsang Province:

You will be greeted by beautiful pink peach flowers of April on the hills at the both sides of the road when you cross Hwangjangjae hill, the border with Yongdok-gun after a drive on National Road No. 34 from Andong City, North Kyongsang Province. Timed with the blooming of peach flowers, Yongdok county office invites tourists by holding a ``peach flower festival.`` For further information, call cultural and tourism department of Yongdok County office at 054-730-6396.

`Anmin Hill` in Chinhae-Changwon, South Kyongsang Province:

The naval port city of Chinhae, known as a city having the largest cherry trees among the world`s cities is embroidered with cherry blossoms beautifully. Adding to the festive mood is the ``naval port festival`` held annually in early April. In particular, the cherry blossom road at Anmin Hill commands a fantastic view of mountains in Chinhae and sea between the cherry tree branches. For further information, call cultural and information department of Chinhae City Hall at 055-545-0101.

`Sopchikoji` in Cheju

``Sopchikoji`` on the eastern beach of Cheju Island is famous for its coastal landscape in spring with yellow rape flowers and ``Songsan Ilchulbong`` in the background. A vast rape flower field, Cheju ponies eating grass leisurely, coastal cliffs and outstanding legendary ``Seon`` rock combine to create the traditional beauty of Cheju. For further information, call cultural and information department of Namcheju County office at 064-733-2701.