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Daewoo Motor labor union to hold long-term protest

Posted February. 18, 2001 12:49,   


Amid the largest ever layoffs at Daewoo Motor, its labor union announced plans to hold a long-term protest starting Monday with support from the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions. Meanwhile, police issued warrants for the arrest of labor union leaders. Amid growing tensions between management and workers, the delivery of layoff notices has been completed.

About 400 labor union members and their families have occupied Daewoo Motors plants since Saturday. The company requested the police to protect the facilities, and a group of 300 officers was formed to guard the paint plant, where flammable materials are stored, the research center`s computer facilities and other core facilities. The police deployed eight 800-man units near the plants.

Daewoo Motors issued pink slips to 1,750 workers on Nov. 16, but was willing to grant voluntary resignations upon request. A company official said that workers who resign and those that are laid off would receive the same amount of compensation but that those who leave voluntarily would avoid the stigma of having been fired.

He added that Kunsan and Changwon plant workers are not expected to participate in the protest, as none of the workers in the two plants have received pink slips. However, the situation will continue to be monitored, as labor union officers will take part in the protest.

Ha Im-Sook artemes@donga.com