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Rockers produce tribute disc to Wild Chrysanthemum

Posted February. 13, 2001 19:41,   


A number of high-profile rockers, including Kim Jang-Hoon, took the stage in a concert at Seoul Arts Center last fall to pay tribute to Wild Chrysanthemum, a hugely influential rock group. Kim said that Wild Chrysanthemum was a major influence on his sound and music. He is not alone in his admiration for the band.

Wild Chrysanthemum came out with its first record in 1985 and is regarded as the mountain that domestic rockers must climb to make a name for themselves. The bloodcurdling charisma of vocalist Chun In-Kwon is the object of awe among younger rockers and Wild Chrysanthemum has something of the quality of a music myth.

The bank is the reason that popular acts like Lee Eun-Mi, the Yoon To-Hyun Band, Crying Nut, GIGs, Delispice, and Zoo worship at the altar of Wild Chrysanthemum along with others like Kwon In-ha, Lee Seung-Hwan and Shin Hae-Chul. All participated in the creation of a tribute album honoring Wild Chrysanthemum.

Yoon To-Hyun, who recorded the song ¡°Sing Korean Rock Again,¡± said, ¡°I participated in the project because I thought that we should follow in the musical spirit of Wild Chrysanthemum, which launched a new era in Korean rock history.¡±

Among the songs on the record are ¡°Parade (Yoon To-Hyun Band),¡± ¡°Only That Is My World, (Kwon In-Ha, Park Hyo-Shin),¡± ¡°Until Morning Breaks (Lee Eun-Mi),¡± ¡°Blue Night on Cheju Island (Zoo)¡±and ¡°After Falling in Love (Shin Hae-Chul).¡±

The singers are scheduled to hold another commemorative concert at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Grand Theater at Seoul`s Sejong Cultural Center. Wild Chrysanthemum itself will also appear onstage and perform five or six of its best-known songs.

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