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[Health] Take lunch at restaurants far from workplace

Posted February. 12, 2001 19:38,   


Many wage earners tend to rack their brains over where, with whom and what to eat for lunch. Here are some recommendations for such people.

First, take lunch with your fellow workers. By dining together, you can eat slowly and thus avoid overeating. Eating while enjoying conversation ensures the smooth secretion of digestive juices. It also helps reduce gas in the intestines.

Secondly, if possible, have lunch at restaurants far from your office. For wage earners who don`t get much exercise, long walks are a good way to keep in shape. A walk after eating helps prevent and treat diabetes by curbing increases in blood sugar. It is also good for one`s mental health as it takes wage earners far from the source of their stress, albeit for a short time.

Thirdly, avoid restaurants that serve salty and spicy foods. Frequenting such eateries can make you accustomed to such a diet. Salty and spicy foods may become the cause of gastritis, stomach cancer or high blood pressure.

Fourthly, avoid restaurants where waiting customers mean that you have to eat too quickly. It is true that popular restaurants tend to offer good food and dishes that are out of the ordinary. But if you can¡¯t enjoy your food by eating slowly, it cannot be good for your health.

Prof. Kim Chul-Hwan of Seoul Paik Hospital