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Samsung Electronics develops world`s first 4G-memory chip

Samsung Electronics develops world`s first 4G-memory chip

Posted February. 08, 2001 21:11,   


After successfully developing the technology to make the world`s first 4G-memory chip, Samsung Electronics has unveiled a prototype version of the product.

The company announced the breakthrough at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference held in San Francisco Wednesday. Samsung said it launched the era of 4G dynamic random access memories (DRAMs) by developing the technology to produce the next-generation chip using the minute 0.10-micron circuit design technology.

The company also unveiled the technology for minute amplifier circuits and stabilization circuits, which are designed to accommodate large-volume and high-integrated data, and its complex-design technology.

Officials said that the test product is capable of storing 4.29 billion bytes of data. The amount is equivalent of up to 32,000 newspaper pages, 640 books, 1,600 still pictures or 64 hours of sound.

Samsung said that if the new 0.10-mircon design technology is applied to the production of 256M and 128M DRAMs chips at its Kihung Factory, it could reduce its costs by some 60 percent and thus sharpen its competitive edge in the semiconductor sector.

Lee Kook-Myung lkmhan@donga.com