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Quotations of the day

Posted February. 02, 2001 17:55,   


If only he had wanted to remain a senior soldier who would meet his junior soldiers and have a merry old time drinking with them after his discharge, he might not have used such force on them. (A passage from a stage play presented by the Horuragi theater troupe in the auditorium at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on Friday; the group consists of amateur actors chosen from among the members of the force)

I'd like to go home right away. (An ace marksman Kang Cho-Hyun Friday upon finishing a five-day survival course offered by the Marine Corps)

Smoking in a hospital amounts to killing someone. (A donga.com netizen on Friday, voicing his support for a nurse who filed suit against medical personnel accused of smoking in a military hospital)

Again a minority has taken millions of citizens hostage for its own selfish purposes. (The French Passengers Association on Thursday, denouncing the striking mass transit union that left French commuters stranded)