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[From readers] Safety standards for lifts for the disabled needed urgently

[From readers] Safety standards for lifts for the disabled needed urgently

Posted January. 30, 2001 11:43,   


Three years already have passed since the convenience-promotion law for the disabled, the old and the weak, and pregnant women and nursing mothers was enacted. Nevertheless, wheelchair lifts and vertical lifts have been established at railway or subway stations without the establishment of safety inspection standards.

It is an act to threaten the lives of the disabled. An accident occurred at the Oido National Railroad Station in Sihung City, Kyonggi Province, on Monday when the rope of a lift was severed while a grandfather and a grandmother were using the lift. Due to the accident, the grandmother died, and the grandfather was seriously injured.

Only six months have passed since the opening of the Oido station. During the period, there were frequent troubles, and finally the serious accident occurred. I doubt whether there was a safety check during the period.

With keen interest in the matters related to the disabled, I examined the utilization facilities for the disabled and found out some problems. I recommended that Presidential Office, the ministries of health and welfare, and commerce, industry and energy to map out safety inspection standards for products and facilities for the disabled several times, but all my requests were rejected.

The government is required not to disregard civil appeals and map out proper measures immediately. Also, institutions that set up facilities for the disabled must maintain insurance for the facilities. In case that they do so, the disabled will be able to use the facilities safely.

Park Jong-Tae (Sunbu 1-dong, Ansan City, Kyonggi Province)