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1 of 3 Koreans kidnapped in Indonesia released

Posted January. 29, 2001 11:29,   


Thirteen of the 16 employees of the Korindo Co., a Korean firm, in Indonesia who were held hostage by an Indonesian armed guerrilla group were released Sunday, 12 days after they were kidnapped.

The released included Lee Hon, chief of the headquarters of the company, who is one of the three Koreans kidnapped.

The anti-government guerrillas turned over the 13 abductees to Ha Bok-Kyun, deputy section chief of plywood plant of Korindo, who visited them for negotiations.

The guerrillas told Ha that the remaining three, including two Koreans, Kwon Oh-Duk and Lee Jong-Myung, would be released after their meeting with President Wahid is realized.

The released employees of the Korean company returned to the plywood plant about 3:30 p.m., and all appeared healthy.

Twelve of the 16 were kidnapped Jan. 16 on their way to the plant after logging operations, while four others, including Lee Hon, were held by the guerrillas when they visited their headquarters for negotiations.