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Quotations of the day

Posted January. 27, 2001 18:54,   


If the U.S. brandishes a sword at us, we will counter it with a sword, and if it shows good faith, we will reciprocate. (A North Korean foreign ministry spokesman on Jan. 25, responding to Senate testimony by U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, who referred to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il as a dictator; the spokesman called the remarks anachronistic)

We must make what we don't have now, make something different, and then doggedly find our niches. (Former movie director Lee Kyu-Hyong in his recently published book "You Will Find Money If You Read Japan"; He pointed it out as a required posture to make a fortune out of business)

The way they fought during the latter half of the match should show the future of Korean soccer. (Guus Hiddink, coach of the Korean national soccer team, on Jan. 24, commenting on the team's game with Norway during the Hong Kong 2001 Carlsberg Cup International Soccer Tournament; he said the Korean players' performance was disappointing during the first half but improved in the second)

Kim Jong-Il is the greatest tycoon with the most slush funds in the world. (A donga.com netizen on Jan. 26, saying nobody knows how the money given in aid to North Korea has been spent)

This is the way for business to win praise from the people and achieve a big leap forward. (Minister of Industry and Energy, Shin Kook-Hwan on Jan. 26, during an address to employees of the Patent Office at the government building in Taejon, emphasizing the importance focusing the nation's industrial policies on technology and knowledge)