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Citizens riot in NK regions of Hamhung and Chongjin

Posted January. 16, 2001 20:06,   


The German current affairs magazine, Speigel, recently reported that citizens had rioted in North Korea's Chongjin and Hamhung regions.

Speigel cited the remarks of a German doctor, Noibert Vollertzen, who has lived in North Korea for relief activities since August 1999.

Vollertzen said he had heard stories of riots in North Korea from French doctors who had witnessed such events but did not reveal when the riots took place. He added that high-level officials in Pyongyang were living well while ordinary citizens and particularly children were suffering from malnourishment and hospitals had no electricity or water. Most factories had also ceased production.

Vollertzen gave his own skin to burn victims needing transplants and even received a commendation for his actions by North Korean authorities. He was ordered deported for criticizing North Korea but the order was revoked after protests by the German government.