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[From readers] Taxis refuse passengers without guilt

Posted December. 29, 2000 18:28,   


A few days ago, I left my company almost at midnight because of a late meeting.

I tried to catch a taxi at Noryangjin, Seoul, to go home in Sadang-dong. It was raining, but I was unable to catch a taxi.

After a while, I saw a taxi coming. The taxi driver asked me where I was going.

When I told him my destination, he just left without saying a word.

There were several more empty taxis, but they just passed by. Later, I was barely able to share a cab with other passengers. I couldn't understand the shameless drivers who declined to pick up passengers who are waiting for a taxi on a rainy winter day. Of the taxi drivers who refuse passengers without a guilty conscience, I thought that kindness is far from them.

Choi Sang-Hong (Sadang-dong, Dongjak-ku, Seoul)