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LG pursues extensive marketing in China

Posted December. 06, 2000 13:53,   


These days, one of the most popular TV programs in China is "LG yin ping lian zhe wo he ni." It is the Chinese version of Korea's "Let's Give Praise" program.

The program is sponsored by LG Electronics. The name of the program means ¡°LG Screen connects you and me.¡± As a sole sponsor of the program, LG included its brand in the program title.

With the TV program, which is aired in six major cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, Chinese people now are familiar with LG.

It was long time ago that LG launched a strategy to permeate its brand name among the Chinese people. There are even ¡°LG villages¡± in five rural areas in China. The company put its brand LG in the names of villages and schools by offering the latest computers, desks and other school supplies to elementary schools in the region.