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Quotations of the day

Posted November. 14, 2000 18:56,   


The Nobel Peace Prize can never guarantee peace and stability. (Rep. Park Se-Hwan of the opposition Grand National Party on Tuesday, calling for measures to strengthen national defense capability during his interpellation of the administration at the National Assembly plenary session).

The sunshine policy of engagement with North Korea is not a "unilateral giving policy" but an effort to relieve 70 million Korean people who are under the duress of conflict and instability. (Rep. Jang Sung-Min of the Millennium Democratic Party on Tuesday, asserting in a parliamentary question-and-answer session that the sunshine policy is not merely intended to unilaterally bestow gifts upon North Korea).

The crisis this time should be the last and the people must tighten their belts firmly to prevent it from recurring. (An employee of Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. on Tuesday, commenting on news reports that a fresh rescue fund is likely to be provided to the troubled company).

Since Korea has autumn, snow and crimson-tinted leaves, which Brunei lacks, I proposed tourism exchanges to the Brunei Sultan. (President Kim Dae-Jung on Tuesday, in a confabulation with Korean residents in Brunei).

Genuine inter-Korean reconciliation cannot be attained merely through warm hearts. (Rep. Chung Jin-Suk of the United Liberal Democrats on Tuesday, calling for realistic policies toward Pyongyang).