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Ruling party members implicated in scandal

Posted November. 02, 2000 14:47,   


Following the revelation of the involvement of the ruling party members with the privately managed funds of the president of the Korea Digital Line Chung Hyun-Joon, currently in custody, the ruling and opposition party members had an all-out clash concerning the revelation.

"As we had suspected, the ruling party members (names withheld), are investors in the privately managed funds," opposition Grand National Party spokesman Kwon Chul-Hyeon said. "We are now beginning to see the real picture in the 'Chung Hyun-Joon-gate.' This is proof that that the ruling party leadership cast aside the welfare and economy of the nation for the personal asset gain.

"It is our hope that the prosecutors make the right decision as they face the fork in the road for the support of the government or the integrity of the Prosecutor's Office."

Vice chairman of the opposition GNP Lee Bu-Young said: "According to the report, there are more individuals involved. Although those accused of involvement state it was purely for investment purpose, there must have been certain favors to look the other way involved"

GNP vice chairman Lee said that the opposition party would disclose the report in its possession at the National Assembly's administrative investigation of the Financial Supervisory Service on Nov. 6, when the witnesses for the Dongbang Scandal will make their statements.

"The report of the involvement of the ruling party with the Dongbang Scandal is far from the truth," the spokesperson for the ruling Millennium Democratic Party said. "If our request for appropriate correction go unheeded, we will consider countermeasures, including legal action."

A high-ranking official at Chong Wa Dae said: "The prosecutors have scrutinized the 600 names of the investors in Chung Hyun-Joon's privately managed fund. However, among the names, no member of the ruling government or party has been found, either real or supposed names."

The National Assembly representatives accused of being investors in the fund have adamantly denied involvement.