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Ahn Jae-Wook to appear in drama

Posted November. 02, 2000 19:42,   


"I¡¯m not a star but only a supporting actor," Ahn Jae-Wook says.

"I feel a little nervous because it¡¯s been a long time since I did a drama."

Ahn is back. It¡¯s been six months since he disappeared from the TV tube after the MBC miniseries starring him ended in March.

Ahn said that during the period, he acted only as a singer in China and earned great popularity. Now back in Korea, Ahn is scheduled to appear in a new weekend drama written by Cho So-Hye and directed by Lee Kwan-Hee, which will begin to air on MBC-TV on Nov. 4.

The drama, which is already becoming the topic of town for its star writer and director, and a splendid casting, will feature the story of a family who prefers a son to a daughter. Centered on twin sister and brother, played by Kim So-Yon and Ko Su, the story also will deal with the issue of a surrogate mother.

In the work, Ahn will play a tough guy named Kong Su-Chol, an elder brother of Kim So-Yon¡¯s friend, played by Bae Du-Na. The role seems to match well with the strong image that he earned from his previous dramas. In 1998, Ahn played a faithful gangster and in 1999, he played a not-so-hateful rogue.

While he was away from the TV screen, his tanned face turned white.

"I watched TV a lot during the break from work," he said. "I injured my shoulder about two months ago, but now I¡¯m okay."

He suffered a broken bone and ligament on his left shoulder last September. The injury was so severe that he had to be hospitalized for a while. But he bragged, "The Sydney Olympics were held at the time when I was in hospital, so I almost memorized all the game records."

In this drama, Ahn is not a star but only a supporting actor. When he was asked whether his love story with Hwang Su-Jong, a dumb girl, would become more highlighted as the drama proceeds, Ahn responded: "Definitely no. That is out of question. You should not get in the way of the story development in such an unreasonable way."

His attitude contrasts sharply with that of new actors who are ready to do anything to stand out.

"I hope that my acting will go naturally and make a harmony with the whole story," he said. "I will just try to be faithful to my acting."

With a free and easy-going personality, Ahn said that he always tries to think positive and do his best for everything. In a bid to better befit his new role as a rogue, he raised his hair, slightly dyed it and painted a fake tattoo on his body. It is anticipated how much of his hidden efforts will show in this drama.