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Dialogue between Kim Jong-Il and Albright

Posted October. 23, 2000 18:54,   


The following is dialogue between North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il and U.S. Defense Secretary Albright at their meeting, which was held today at 3 pm. They started the meeting after the press was sent out.

Kim: We welcome the U.S. Defense Secretary on her first visit to our country. In a historical sense, this visit will be a new beginning. I am very glad.

Albright: I am glad that I have been given the opportunity to visit such a beautiful place.

Kim: I would like to thank Secretary Albright for arranging the meeting between special envoy Jo Myong-Rok and President Clinton.

Albright: During special envoy Jo's visit, there were no ill feelings between the 2 nations. Everything went very smoothly.

Kim: Did you enjoy your time in Pyongyang?

Albright: Yes. I even had the chance to dance with children at a kindergarten (Nakrang district Jongbaek 2).