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U.K. to establish diplomatic ties with N.Korea

Posted October. 19, 2000 10:13,   


Members of the European Union seeking establishment of diplomacy with North Korea has been increasing. Following Germany's announcement, United Kingdom has revealed on Thursday its intention to establish diplomatic channels with North Korea.

The British Minister of Foreign Affairs Robin Cook, who arrived in Korea for the Asia-Europe Meeting, while not mentioning the exact time frame during an interview with BBC Radio, did hint that the establishment of diplomacy with North Korea would take place very soon. The British Minister Cook further mentioned that the establishment of such diplomacy does not in any way mean Britain condoned the past activities of North Korea, and as Britain has certain concerns in connection with the human rights abuse in North Korea, it would be mentioned during the talks between the two nations.

A member of the Minister Cook's entourage stated that a meeting would be held soon with North Korea work out the details for the diplomatic interchange between North Korea and the U.K. The North Korean director of a bureau of foreign affairs in China delivered a letter of intention of amity to the British Embassy in Beijing in September. North Korea currently has diplomatic relationship with 11 European nations including Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and Austria. North Korea also has made formal requests to nine other European Union members including France and Belgium.