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Quotations of the day

Posted October. 10, 2000 19:15,   


If they are left unattended, the gingko tree branches are broken and look ugly due to reckless picking by citizens, and if city officials pick and sell the trees¡¯ nuts, the proceeds from it this exceed the expense for the work. (Chonju City officials, on Tuesday, who are at a loss over the gingko trees planted along the city streets)

We are positively considering to hold the first angling Olympics in the world. (Yoon Tae-Geun, chairman of the Korea Angling Association, disclosing that its member anglers raised the necessity of sponsoring such an international game, asserting that angling is one of mankind's common sports)

Even officials in charge of this system raised doubts as to whether this system will be successful. (Rep. Yoon Yeo-Joon of the opposition Grand National Party, on Oct. 10, referring to the result of his survey on the ¡°people's basic livelihood protection plan,¡± conducted on 402 public officials from town and townships offices nationwide in charge of social-welfare affairs)

Heretofore, political conditions have been a stumbling block, but from now on this will play a vital role in promoting inter-Korean exchange.

(Officials related to the Korea Judo Association, on Tuesday, forecasting bright prospects for the inter-Korean exchange of Judo)