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[Announcement] donga.com launches evaluation board

Posted October. 09, 2000 17:46,   


donga.com launched services in three languages of English, Japanese and Chinese simultaneously starting July 11 for the first time in the history of Korean Internet newspapers. In a sincere bid to return the support by netizens at home and abroad, donga.com formed an evaluation board with experts in each language.

The board embarked on the concrete work of evaluating in September in order to supply news and information of better quality to you, netizens at home and abroad. The board members will estimate the three major categories of language, contents and design and technology and will produce objective reports.

On the basis of such reports, donga.com will survey the common tastes and concerns of global audiences and analyze, at the same time, niche markets classified by regions and specialized domains. We will reflect the result of the examination and analysis on our websites.

Now, we promise that donga.com¡¯s foreign language editions will be born anew, encouraged by the specialized evaluation board's objective and cool-headed evaluation and your, netizens¡¯ concerns.

List of Evaluation Board Members

Robert J. Fouser

Fouser is a language expert, who graduated from the department of Japanese Language and Literature at Michigan University, United States, received a master¡¯s degree in applied linguistics at the university and obtained a doctorate degree in applied linguistics at Trinity College of Dublin University.

Having served as a researcher at the National Cultural Institute of Korea University and a visiting professor at the English Education Department of the university, Fouser is well versed with Korean affairs. He has been writing for the Korea Herald as a regular columnist.

He translated a book "Understanding of Korean Literature," and issued about 35 theses and comments. He is an authority in Korea-Japan comparative literature, who has a great concern about and affection for Korean culture. He now serves a professor at Kagoshima University in Japan.

Maki Tsuchita

Tsuchita graduated from the Economics Department of Japan¡¯s Kyushu Public University and finished the master¡¯s course at the economics department of Korea University. He now works as a reporter for the monthly Seoul Scope and as a Japanese consultant for Intz.com.

Among his books are "Korean Film Tilting Toward 21st Century" (co-written) and "Secret of Global Management" (co-translated).

As he has been living in Seoul for more than 10 years, he is in the swim about Korea, not to mention his ability to speak Korean, and has a strong point in grasping well the common tastes and concern of Koreans and Japanese.

Yoo Young-ki

Yoo graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature of the College of Liberal Arts at Sungkyunkwan University, and obtained a master¡¯s degree in linguistics at Seoul National University and a doctorate degree in Chinese literature at Sungkyunkwan University.

He taught Korean language at the Beijing Second University of Foreign Studies in 1994, and now serves as a professor in Chinese language and literature at Kyunggi University and a manager of the Chinese Literature Research Society and a director of the Korean National Language Education Society.

He is well versed in Chinese language and literature, and especially has a profound knowledge in comparative research of Korea¡¯s Chinese letters and Chinese language vocabulary.