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Jeju becomes island of peace

Posted October. 04, 2000 12:35,   


Having successfully hosted the inter-Korean talks and thus obtaining the reputation as the center for inter-Korean peace and negotiations, Jeju Island has been fast becoming a symbol for international peace."

With back-to-back talks, the inter-Korean minister of state affairs talks and the third ministerial talks, under its belt, Jeju Island has come to symbolize the place for the thawing of the freeze on the peninsula. As scheduled, many north Korean VIP's will make their way to Jeju some time this month in an exchange visit to Halla Mountain on Jeju and Baekdu Mountain in North Korea.

In addition, as Jeju Island has been selected to host the inter-Korean summit early next year, it surely will enjoy the focus of the world.

Creating an opportunity from such a series of peace talks, the citizens of Jeju Island have expressed their hope to turn the Island into a renowned island of peace. They have proposed to label the mandarin oranges grown on Jeju Island as "Peace Island Mandarin Oranges" and to created and develop "Food of Peace," which combines the native Jeju dishes with those of North Korea.

Jeju Governor Woo Keun-Min on Sept. 27 took the first step toward development into an island of peace through such means as a discussion with the North Korean Cabinet Advisor Jon Kum-Jin for the establishment of Peace Research Center run by the two Koreas.

In addition, Jeju Island hopes to establish long-term continued exchange visits to Halla and Baekdu mountains, as well as a direct civil aviation route, the establishment of separated family reunion facilities, and inter-Korean cooperative development of Jeju Island.

Im Jae-Young jy788@donga.com