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Korean `Truman Show' to be webcast

Posted October. 03, 2000 20:16,   


A Korean version of the ``Truman Show'' will webcast live the lives of male and female adults in isolated places.

This sort of event has enjoyed explosive popularity in the United States and Europe as they were telecast and the participants leaped into stardom.

In Korea, the events will be relayed live via the Internet instead of TV and are somewhat different from those abroad in that the character of ¡°stealing a glance at others' private lives'' is alleviated.

Dreamline, a venture firm, will hold the event ``Choice of 50 million people and the last survivor'' with a total of 170 million won in prize money, including a cash prize of 100 million won for the winner, at stake Oct. 9 through Dec. 7.

The company selected 10, five men and five women, to participate in the event, among more than 20,000 applicants, through votes by netizens.

The professions of the participants are diverse, according to Dreamline, ranging from freelancer, singer, housewife, copy writer, agrarian movement leader to big company executive.

They will live in an independent house in the precincts of Everland in Gyeonggi-do for 60 days. They are also from diverse age groups from 20 to 50.

They have to solve the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing and shelter through the Internet and various hints suggested by the organizer of the event.

Dreamline will webcast their lives for 24 hours a day at www.5000choice.com and netizens watching the show are allowed to cast a vote a day for the participant they like online or through the ARS telephone system.

Cheon Kwang-Am iam@donga.com