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Quotations of the day

Posted September. 28, 2000 19:05,   


¡°The papers collected amount to several truckloads.¡± (An official of the Central Investigation Bureau of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office charged with the investigation into accounting irregularities at member companies of the Daewoo Group Thursday, noting that the amount of documents and data on the case will require the bureau to use a copious amount of time and labor before initiating the probe.)

¡°Would you approve of calling the results of the inter-Korean summit a product and victory of North Korean policy?¡± (Jon Kum-Jin, chief North Korean delegate to the inter-Korean ministerial talks Thursday, remarking that the summit declaration should not be credited to one of the two Koreas alone. Jon took issue with Foreign Minister Lee Joung-Binn's comment that the talks were a product of the Seoul government's engagement policy.)

¡°Since coming to Jeju Island, I have realized how big this country is.¡± (A North Korean delegate to the inter-Korean ministerial meeting Thursday, commenting on his impressions of his tour of South Korea.)