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Daegu ranks first in open information system

Posted September. 27, 2000 20:51,   


Civic organizations ranked Daegu as No. 1 and Gwangju as last among the local self-governing entities in administration of an open information system. Moreover, among preliminary self-governing entities, Jeonju ranked No. 1 and 7 districts of Daegu such as Daegu and Dong-gu came within the top-ten ranking.

A network of 34 civic groups, including the Citizen¡¯s Coalition, for the nationwide movement of disclosing expediency fund of local self-governing entities, announced their evaluation results on 114 entities and preliminary entities on their sincerity in administering an open information system, at the Anguk building in Anguk-dong, Jongro district on Wednesday.

The network of civic groups based their evaluation on two categories, the self governing entities¡¯ sincerity in providing evidence documents to their expediency fund expenses and related book records, and the administration efficiency of open information counters at various city, municipal and district levels.

The results revealed that only Daegu received an ¡°A,¡± with average scores from two categories exceeding 90. 57.8% of the evaluated entities, which accounts for 4 megalopolis cities and 62 preliminary entities, received an ¡°F¡± for refusing to provide evidence documents and operating titular open information systems.

The civic monitoring director, Lee Tae-Ho of the citizen¡¯s coalition asserted that different grades were given for the degree of disclosed information in regards to expediency fund. He further asserted that this evaluation would serve as motivation for self-governing entities and the central government to disclose various administrative information to the public.