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2.36 million transactors are suspicious

Posted September. 21, 2000 14:08,   


The number of persons or corporations classified as incredible financial transactors steadily is increasing. According to data submitted to Rep. Eom Ho-Sung, a member of the National Assembly National Policy Committee, by the Financial Supervisory Commission, the number of individuals and corporations judged to be less credible in their financial transactions totaled: For 1997, 1,434,516 individuals and 55,424 corporations; in 1998, 2,207,032 individuals and 153,234 corporations; and in 1999, 2,350,995 individuals and 181,483 corporations.

This year, those individuals and corporations, classified as bad credit transactors, reached 2,360,743 individuals and 99,945 corporations, as of the end of June.