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Parents spend heavily for extra study

Posted September. 20, 2000 12:52,   


Five out of 10 parents of high school seniors have confirmed that their monthly extracurricular study spending exceeds 500,000 won, and six out of 10 have expressed their hope of sending their son or daughter abroad to study.

The result of the survey by this vernacular Dong-A Ilbo's Education Team conducted Aug. 22-25 at Hyundai Department Store for the College Entrance Briefing Session and with 486 parents participating showed 28.3% had a monthly extracurricular expense exceeding 700,000 won, 21.6% spent 500,000 to 700,000 won, 27.7% spent 300,000 to 500,000 won, and 16.9% spent below 300,000 won.

Also, 62.7% of the parents answered that they either have plans to send their children abroad for their studies or have seriously considered such an option.

In response to the question of what they thought about the ban on study abroad for middle and elementary school students, 51.6% agreed that such young student should be banned from going abroad to study, 28.2% thought the ban should be lifted, and 20.6% remained neutral on the issue.

Concerning the Korean student enrollment at schools for foreigner residents, 57.6% of the parents answered that it should be allowed in order to decrease the demand for going abroad, 23.9% stated that the current ban should be left in place, and 18.5 % remained neutral.

About 34.8% of the parents have had their children enter academic or other competitions that provide extra consideration points for college entrance, attesting to the new trend of academic competitions.

In connections to the policy requiring private institutions to be self-supporting, 57.8% of the parents were of the opinion that the standardization of high schools needs to be abolished, as it leads to overall lowered academic ability and achievement. However, 33.7% answered that it helps to reduce excessive competition for college entrance and should be left in place.

Lee In-Chul inchul@donga.com