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Quatation of the day

Posted September. 15, 2000 19:39,   


Now it seems the amount of money the Supreme Council of the Millenium Democratic Party could spend has been raised from 100 Won to 1,000 Won, so to speak. (An MDP senior official on September 15, commenting on broad-stroke devolution of discretionary power by President Kim Dae-Jung to the party's executive body for breaking through the current political stalemate.)

In days gone by, the opposition party was more interested in opening the National Party, but these days it seems quite the reverse. (National Assembly Speaker Lee Man-Sup on September 15 at a Chong Wa Dae (presidential mansion) in a meeting where President Kim briefed former Presidents and several government leaders on the results of his mission to New York to attend the U.N. General Assembly.)

Kim Jong-Pil, honorary president of the United Liberal Democrats, is critical of the joint march of South and North Korean athletes in the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games under the same banner -- a very proactive act of the nation. Such an ultrarightist, conservative stance on his part makes us wonder how we can work together with the ULD. (Rep. Lee Ho-Wung of the Millenium Democratic Party on September 15 during an informal talk with junior lawmakers of the party.)