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Kim Young-Sam launches a signature drive

Posted September. 13, 2000 17:12,   


Former President Kim Young-Sam who has been censuring the Kim Dae-Jung administration`s inter-Korean policy through the citizen-opposition movement has begun a full-fledge signature drive against the proposed visit of the North`s leader Kim Jong-Il`s visit to Seoul.

During a chat with various persons from both the political and academic areas, former President Kim signed a prepared declaration which accuses the Kim Jong-Il for criminality and also requested the visitors to do the same.

The declaration accuses Kim Jong-Il for crimes of insurrection against the people of Korea and the perpetrator of the KAL in-the-air bombing, the illegal detainment of war prisoner and the deaths of millions of North Koreans of hunger. The declaration further calls for Kim Jong-Il to stand trial for his crimes. The spokesperson for the former President Kim sent the declaration to various organizations around the nation and declined to reveal the names of the supporting organizations until the movement is well underway.