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Clinton seeks President Kim¡¯s help

Posted September. 08, 2000 13:16,   


The summit between South Korea`s President Kim Dae-Jung and U.S. President Bill Clinton took place at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, where the two men are staying through a visit by President Kim to President Clinton`s suite on the night on September 7 Korean time.

The following is an excerpt from the talks between the two leaders.

President Clinton: I believe you have accomplished a great deal for regional stability, as well as inter-Korean stability.

President Kim: The follow-up measures of the inter-Korean summit are proceeding well, especially in the three contentious areas, the U.S. Forces in Korea, national preservation, and the National Security Law. The problems were overcome, as the North has adopted a greater understanding.

Clinton: The incident with the North`s titular Leader Kim Young-Nam is truly regrettable. All of our efforts have been in vain. I hope you could intervene and help in this matter.

Kim: Yes, we will try, but the U.S. should not give up.

Clinton: Although you have mentioned it previously, Myanmar`s Aung San Suu Kyi is still under house arrest. We must help so that she may once again become active politically.

Kim: Such oppression of a politician who has the support of 70% of the people is undemocratic. The U.N. has decided on a course of action in Myanmar, yet failed to initiate it. It will be discussed during the round-table meeting.

U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright : Proposals by the Asian nations are very important. Especially, we need your leadership and concern.

Kim: Looking back at the bilateral relationship, Koreans have traditionally considered cooperation with U.S. as the most important. The U.S. press has at times reported on anti-Americanism in South Korea, but that is not all accurate. However, it is true that Korea has requested a Status of Forces Agreement that is similar to the ones for Germany and Japan. Once the bilateral negotiations are completed, such problems will be solved.

Choi Young-Mook ymook@donga.com