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[Editorial] Ruling party member`s outspoken advice

Posted September. 07, 2000 21:59,   


In pursuant to the ruling party`s stand to follow what the rules of the National Assembly Law (NAL) prescribe, the party`s modus operandi to process parliamentary affairs has been taking its uncompromising firm stand against the opposition party instead of groping for any realistic solutions to resolve the present parliamentary deadlock.

Such a strong stance against the opposition party has also been advised by President Kim Dae-Jung. A fresh voice critical of such a hardline stand against the opposition came from none other than one of the ruling party`s legislative members.

The ruling party`s legislative member Kim Kyoung-Jae reportedly warned on Wednesday his party caucus stating that the present political impasse represents a serious crisis to the party and the administration, but the gravity of the situation has not been adequately grasped by the party leaders. Kim is quoted to have criticized the party of its irresponsibility, lack of vitality and unswerving principles.

Kim apparently pressed his party to take its clear stand on the Hanvit Bank`s unlawful loan scandal. If the party has nothing to worry about over the scandal, Kim asked, what stops introducing the special prosecutor to investigate the scandal. Kim argued that the party`s criticism against the opposition party`s street demonstrations is also something to think about. He is quoted to have said: " if we put ourselves in their foot, we would do the same. We must be prepared to pay some price if we are genuinely interested in resolving the present parliamentary standoff.`` Kim also warned that any further continuation of its hardline stand against the opposition will prematurely advance the ruling powers` lame duck process. Thus, he pointed out that the party leaders and caucus must all resign from their party posts if they fail to resolve the present political impasse by the Thanksgiving Day next week.

We think that President Kim and the party leaders must show their sincerity to take lawmaker Kim`s outspoken criticism as a genuine advice like a bitter medicine to save his party. We would reiterate here again that only the people`s support and trust can make the ruling party strong. The party`s hardline stand to go by the NSL rules can be sustainable only when and if the party`s moral stance is transparent and justified.

But, there have been series of scandalous political conducts and suspicions such as railloading the passage of the NAL revision bills, election frauds and the unlawful intervention of the election spending probes, and Hanvit Bank`s loan scandal. They seriously compromise the morality of the ruling party`s exercise of political power. Due criticisms and suspicion are raised over the ruling party`s immoral power politics. Unless such criticisms are duly addressed, the ruling party`s hardline stand to go by the NAL rules can hardly win the people`s sympathetic support.

Under these circumstances, the ruling party`s supreme council member Hahn Hwa-Kap`s statements baffled us in no end. Hahn warned that the Grand National Party (GNP), if it should continue with its hardline street fights, may have to face the party`s division either by its internal or external, third forces` defiance against the party. Hahn then described his warning as his friendly advice for the GNP. Who is after all to warn against, and to give advice for, whom. Hahn` statements met severe criticism because they were viewed as Hahn`s remarks intended to aim at the GNP`s division. His baffling statements will only exacerbate the extreme inter-party confrontations.

We must say that such deplorable and baffling statements by the Millennium Democratic Party`s supreme council member reflect the party leaders` lack of serious perception over the present political crisis. The ruling party`s power elites must listen to the righteous voice of its own legislative member so as to see through the present stark realities.