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Former president denounces unlawful election

Posted August. 29, 2000 20:57,   


Former president Kim Young-Sam bitterly criticized President Kim Dae-Jung on Tuesday by demanding the president to take full responsibility for all malpractice during the April 13 election.

Attending the reopening ceremony of the 4.19 memorial library in Jongno, Seoul, former president Kim stated this after asserting that the National Assembly of the current administration was formed through an unlawful election, comparable to the March15 election malpractice, which called for the 4.19 revolution.

The former president reemphasized his disagreement on the construction of a memorial building for former president Park Chung-Hee. He denounced President Kim Dae-Jung by stating that he is eulogizing the Yushin dictatorship of Park Chung-Hee that destroyed the 4.19 revolution, as a political strategy. Pointing at his own writing, which hung on the wall over the stairway on the second floor, that read Freedom, Democracy and Justice, the former president pronounced them dead, allusively criticizing the current administration.