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Quotations of the day

Posted August. 18, 2000 19:26,   


"This is the first time that I've ever heard of doctors going on strike. It's unthinkable in North Korea." Park Ryang-Sun, director of the internal department at Pyongyang General Hospital, on hearing the news of the doctors' walkout Friday during his reunion with South Korean relatives.

"I doubt I will be alive for reunification." South Korean Shin Young-Ja, mother of North Korean Park Ryang-Sun, saying that this is probably the last time she will ever see her son.

"Parting is too bitter." Lee Jong-Kuk, on his mother Cho Won-Ho crying out for her elder son Jong-Pil as he left for North Korea.

"My dear son, when will I see you again?" Shin Jae-Soon, clinging to her son Cho Ju-Kyung at Kimpo Airport before he departed for the North.