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Quotations of the day

Posted August. 17, 2000 21:30,   


Even if William Shakespeare was still alive, he would never be able to write a story about the tragic lives of the Korean people. (Cho Jin-Yong, a North Korean visitor, presenting his own poem to his mother).

If I were allowed, I`d like to carry my mother on my back to North Korea. (Kim Dong-Jin, a North Korean visitor, meeting his aged mother in an ambulance).

Do not worry about your mother because I am her reliable servant. (Lee Son-Haeng, a South Korean visitor, promising to his first son in the North that he would take care of his wife in the South).

This is the taste of reunion. (Lee Rok-Won, a North Korean visitor, eating a piece of his birthday cake).

Some years ago, I gave up a plan to make a movie, "Minbi" (Empress Myongsong, wife of Choson King Kojong). I think it would be better to shoot the film at Kyongbok Palace (where the royal couple resided) in Seoul after unification. ( Lee Rae-Song, a North Korean actor, during his meeting with his younger sister Lee Ji-Yon, a broadcaster in the South).

The tourism industry is neither hardware, nor software, but ¡°dreamware``. (Lee O-Ryong, chairman of the New Millennium Preparatory Committee, in his keynote speech at a seminar on 21st century culture and tourism policy at Seoul Sejong Cultural Center on August 17, stressing that tourism should strive to present dreams and attractions).

Taking advantage of the "political situation of tears" (from the separated family reunions), (the prosecution) is indicting our party lawmakers one after another. (Rep. Mok Yo-Sang, chief policymaker of the opposition Grand National Party, as his party lawmakers were indicted on August 17 on suspicion of violating the election law).