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Liquor, N. Koreans' favorite gift

Posted August. 16, 2000 14:41,   


What presents did the North Korean visitors to Seoul bring for family members in their reunion after 55 years? The North Koreans` bags, of different colors but all identically marked with the brand name HYNO, were filled with liquors, ginseng and other local products as well as cloth and health products.

However, the most popular gift seems to be liquor. 65 year-old Lee Dong-Sup prepared Paekdusan Deulchuksul, a top quality North Korean wine for his mother whom he eagerly awaited to see after separation at age 17. 66 year-old Kang Won-Suk, originally from Cheju Island, also gave traditional wines to her brother and younger sibling. She plans to drink the wine with her reunited South Korean siblings and catch up on 50 years of separation. She remembered to pack along ginseng health products for them as well. The 68 year-old mathematics professor at Kim Il-Sung University, Cho Joo-Kyong, who is honored in North Korea as the "people`s scientist," presented his 88 year-old mother with a gold necklace.