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Quotations of the day

Posted August. 09, 2000 19:05,   


¡°In the worst case scenario, we will have to think about flying patients in critical condition to nearby countries such as Japan and Taiwan.¡± An official at the National Medical Center today reacting to news that doctors are planning another nationwide strike, which will seriously disrupt medical operations.

¡°Korea cannot survive without trade.¡± Lee Jung-Bin, minister of foreign affairs and trade, during a luncheon today, noting that trade accounts for 63% of Korea`s GDP and pledging to boost efforts to engage in trade diplomacy.

¡°If you believe all the rumors, the amount is 10 billion won, not 1 billion.¡± Kim Won-Kil, committee member in charge of elections for the Millennium Democratic Party supreme council today, regarding rumors that candidates are each spending one billion won in campaign fees.

¡°We are only two hours apart by plane, but our approach to the digital era is completely different.¡± Business Week, a Korean economic weekly, Tuesday, commenting that Korea lags behind Japan in industrialization, but has better adapted to the information age.