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Quotations of the day

Posted July. 31, 2000 20:18,   


“We are powerless to fight against the government.” A Hyundai employee’s response to the government and creditors, who are demanding tough reforms from the conglomerate in return for alleviating its liquidity crisis.

“The session will be held for the people – the opposition party must participate.” National Assembly Speaker Lee Man-Sup, pressing the opposition Grand National Party to take part in today’s plenary session.

“I find this award most unfortunate.” Comments from a police official awarded today for reporting the highest number of violations of the Election Law in the April polls, explaining that it indicates the prevalence of tainted campaign practices in the Haenam region.

“Thailand has left the fate of the nation in the hands of a few politicians for too long.” A former Thai student activist, now a professor at Thammasat University, calling for Parliament to be dissolved during a public meeting held by a newly founded civic pro-democracy organization.

“Every tiny piece of evidence is crucial to determining the exact sequence of events.” Paul-Louis Arslanian of the France Accident Investigation Bureau (BEA) appealing Sunday for members of the public to hand over to investigators any pieces of the Concorde that they may have kept as souvenirs.

"We see it as an opportunity for the average citizen to pick what they want out of it." Kathleen deLaski, AOL`s director of political and government programming, commenting on people flocking to the Internet for interactive coverage of the Republican and Democratic Party conventions instead of tuning into TV.

“The Korean Saemaeul Movement brings us new hope.” A village headman in East Timor, on hearing news that the Korean Evergreen unit will help launch the Saemaeul (new community) Movement, a catchphrase for the Korean government`s rural modernization program.