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"The Concord met its death yesterday at age 31."

Posted July. 27, 2000 20:23,   


"The Concord met its death yesterday at age 31." (France`s Li Figaro, lamenting the demise of the Concord as a `safety legend` after the crash on the 26th)

"The convenient mobile phone is the grim reaper if used while driving." (a slogan submitted in relation to the Ministry of Justice`s campaign encouraging citizens to obey the law)

"We (North Korea and China) always have constructive discussions." (remark made by North Korean foreign minister Paek Nam-Soon after finishing the Sino-N.K. talks held in Thailand)

"A hoax, which is different both behind and above the stage, has been uncovered." (remark made by an MDP official on the internal strife gripping the GNP due to rumors of a secret agreement)

"If he is smart, he will leave." (comment made by GNP spokesman Kwon Chul-Hyun, who called for administrative head Jung Chang-Hwa to resign following an internal dispute sparked by the conditional

cooperation policy in relation to the amendment of National Assembly laws at a 3-party meeting.

"It is certain that he feels his daughter is more important than the few hundred Koreans who may suffer from this act of chemical pollution." (remark made regarding U.S. 8th Division Commander Daniel Petrosky after he left the country to see his daughter without apologizing to the public over the toxic chemical dumping incident).