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Jang Jwe-"hidden treasure" of Shinsegae

Posted July. 25, 2000 21:33,   


"I am very, very happy that I was of help to the team."

Jang Jwe (24 years old) breathed heavily not having calmed down the excitement right after the game. Jang Jwe is different from the rash teenage mercenary of the team Chol Li-Sha and has an introverted personality. The amount of money that she receives in Korea after two months of playing as a mercenary is US$4,000. From this amount, only US$800 comes into Jang Jwe's hands. The rest is for the Chinese Federation and the team. However, Jang Jwe is a very good daughter. From this little amount, she has already bought all the gifts for her parents as she had planned when she was in China.

Shinsegae Coolcats beat Hyundai Construction after a close fight that went onto extended time, thereby earning victory during the primary final. She has come one step closer to ascending to become the queen of the summer league.

On July 25, Shinsegae acquired a precious victory with a score of 72-71 during the primary final of the summer league of the Hanvit Bank Cup 2000 Women's Basketball held at the Changchoong Stadium. It has come to an advantageous, high position in the 3-game 2-win system final matches.

The heroine of this day was China's mercenary player Jang Jwe, who had not really shown her face, as if having been submerged underwater, during the whole of the regular league. Jang Jwe ran towards the goal just as the buzzer sound indicating the end of the extended time rang and earned a foul from Hyundai's Chung, Yoon-Sook, thereby getting the golden free throw. Already, the clock had stopped. The score was an even 71 to 71.

Jang Jwe missed the first free throw, disappointing the coach Lee, Moon-Kyu. But, she made a beautiful second free throw into the goal. And, she smiled. A dramatic victory for Shinsegae.

Kim Hwa-Sung mars@donga.com