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Qoutation of the Day

Posted July. 21, 2000 22:42,   


"Asia's second-largest economy has embraced the internet with a speed and enthusiasm matched by few countries anywhere,¡± according to the Los Angeles Times, July 19, saying that Koreans¡¯ impatience and expectation of a jackpot go hand in hand with the speedy and risky Information era.

"It is surprising to find that there is no heavyweight Asian brand name, even though Asians are incredibly keen on famous brand names,¡± points out Interbrand¡¯s Singapore director Kim Faulkner, emphasizing that a good brand name is a company asset that must be developed and taken care of.

"The national defense budget is larger than that of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Libya combined,¡± stated U.S. House representative David Obey on Wednesday while opposing the increase in the defense budget for the following year.

"We can see Chairman Kim Jong-Il's devotion to films,¡± said an employee at Taewon Entertainment, a Korean film production company, reporting that Chairman Kim had obtained a copy of the Korean film ¡°Pichunmoo¡± in China.

"Chew Chew [the gastrobot] eats sugar cubes,¡± explained the New Scientist, while reporting on a robot that breaks down food with bacteria and converts it to energy. The robot was invented by Stuart Wilkinson of the University of South Florida, and the magazine suggested that soon robots might be taking meals like humans.

"The head of the nation cannot be oblivious to the wishes of the people,¡± according to an official from Chong Wa Dae, explaining President Kim Dae-Jung¡¯s strong urging to the U.S. to revise the Status of Forces Agreement.