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Quotation of the day

Posted July. 19, 2000 14:37,   


North Koreans are strained and frightened because of the exercise, which involves a bomber that is loaded with an atomic bomb, a nuclear carrier and 270,000 infantrymen. (Lee Young-Hee, honorary professor of Hanyang University, saying that the Korea-U.S. Teamspirit military exercise is a massive threat to North Korea in a debate at the National Assembly about South-North Korean relations and presence of the U.S. troops in South Korea.)

All readers of "Taebak Sanmek," 3 million copies of which are said to have been sold, and involved bookstore owners could be violators of the relevant law. (Park Won-Soon, lawyer who said in a debate at the National Assembly on the National Security Law that the structural elements of the security law are very vague.)

This law must be a relic of the Cold War era. At the same time, however, it is the law that protects the free democratic system that rises above the time. (Chung Yong-Su, professor of Dankuk University, at a debate on the National Security Law.)

It is an unrealistic ruling that does not divide the prehistoric age and the present time. (Cartoonist Lee Hyun-Se, saying that the sexual scenes in the comic book he authored simply are intended to describe the prehistoric age, in regard to about the court ruling that the comic book "Heaven¡¯s Myth" was found to be obscene.)