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Expansion of aid to low-income people

Posted July. 18, 2000 20:54,   


The minimum living cost guarantee system will be implemented beginning October.

Under the system, for instance, the government will make up for the shortage of living cost for the needy family of four or more whose monthly income is less than

930,000 won.

Such measure is contained in the enforcement decree of the people`s basic living

guarantee law, that was passed at the Chong Wa Dae cabinet meeting July 18 with President Kim Dae-Jung in the chair. In accordance with the system, the number

of the benificiaries will be increased from the present 500,000 to 1.5 million.

Subject to the new measure will be the family whose living supporters are engaged

in daily-based work, itinerant trade or who are obliged to support aged parents or

handicapped. They are entitled to receive the amount of shortage for basic living

cost from the state, the portion deducted from their actual income..

The system also calls for the government subsidy even for the family members

whose living supporters are missing, un