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Inchon Int¡¯l Airport, slipshod construction

Posted July. 15, 2000 13:16,   


It is pointed out that safety of Inchon Intenational Airport in Youngjong Island, basic facilities of which were completed on June 30, is concerned for being a total flimsy construction work.

The Citizens¡¯ Coalition for Economic Justice (CCEJ) or Kyungsilyon held a press conference on July 14 at Seoul`s Kyunsilyon auditorium and disclosed a conscious announcement made by an inspector, who was involved in the construction work for the last three years, that the work for Inchon International Airport has changed its steel structure and used materials unfit for waterproof and fireproof in order to hastily meet the deadline for completion.

Chung Tae-Won, who has made the conscious announcement, said that the work was lacking an appropriate blueprint so its design has been changed quite often from the stage of primary work, noting that builders used plywood or MDF board that are easy to catch fire.

He said: "As an inspector, I did raise such unjustifiable problems. But construction company officials even assaulted me. I think there is a suspicion that some concessions are involved in connection with the unreasonable change of design."

Chung contended that the ceremony for completion held at the end June is a pure fabrication, considering the current status of construction, documents related to completion of inspection, various documents related to correction request and the status of initial operation.

In this connection, Kyungsilyon criticized the government that reconstruction of the project is inevitable and it would result in the waste of tax money, asking for prosecutors and the Board of Audit and Inspection for a close investigation on corruption of involving officials. Kyongsilyon is now receiving reports about absurdities related to construction of Inchon International Airport. (Phone: 02-775-9898, Fax: 02-757-7383, Internet homepage: http://www.ccej.or.kr)

Kim Se-Ho, director of the construction planning team for Inchon International Airport at the Ministry of Construction and Transportation, said that the lack of thickness in fireproof painting, trust crack and other problems pointed out have been indicated by internal inspection or by the Board of Audit and Inspection, adding that they are already repaired or are now in the process of repairing.

He also said that Kyungsilyon and other civil groups repeatedly visited the construction site of Inchon International Airport and checked problems associated with waterproof and other points. "Nevertheless, we will open the construction site so that everyone who wish to inspect the work could visit the building site," he said.