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Quotation of the day

Posted July. 13, 2000 19:05,   


¡°Does the government think that it built a Great Wall with North Korea in 3 days?¡± Kwon Oh-Eul, Grand National Party (GNP) assembly member, criticizing the government¡¯s failure to respond to North Korea¡¯s verbal attack on the opposition GNP leader Lee Hoi-Chang, at the plenary session Thursday.

¡°The government is pro-Korea, not pro-North Korea.¡± An official of the Chong Wa Dae, in response to the GNP¡¯s Rep. Kwon Oh-Eul¡¯s accusation that the government is leaning towards the North.

¡°Colleagues know better who would be a competent Supreme Court Justice than the National Assembly.¡± A judge said in support of Judge Chung Jin-Kyung¡¯s call for the formation of a Judiciary Nomination Board to recommend Supreme Court Justice nominees.

¡°Vietnam defeated the U.S. using guerrilla tactics, whereas Iraq lost by adopting the same strategies as the U.S.¡± Ken Rhie, co-founder and president of Korean-American venture firm ThinkFree, located in Silicon Valley, challenging Microsoft by providing free software to the public.