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Kwon Noh-gap revenges Chung Dong-young in 15 years

Posted March. 23, 2015 07:19,   


When ex-lawmaker Chung Dong-young defected from the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy in January this year, it was surprising to see how he could dump the party that had widely promoted him. What was more surprising was the public’s disinterest in his move. Who is Chung Dong-young? After all, he is the very person who served as party chief twice, and minister and presidential candidate at parties that have been succeeded by NPAD. However, hardly any one expressed anger or regret. It was a far cry from the time when Sohn Hak-kyu defected from the Grand National Party in 2007. At the time, Sohn earned criticisms from countless people. Many also expressed regret over his defection.

How such discrepancy has occurred? It is believed to be due to their projected future value. At that time, Sohn was one of the Grand National Party’s presidential candidates. People believed that if he remained at the party, he would have had a big role to play, and that even after moving to the opposition party, he would have become a presidential candidate or even the president, if lucky. However, Chung’s value at NPAD has become almost extinct. Few people predict that Chung will make a political comeback as if an old dead tree blooms flowers anew at his new affiliation "People’s Gathering," which seeks to launch a new progressive party.

In a recent press interview, Kwon Noh-gap, an advisor to NPAD, said on Chung’s defection, saying, “Since it is something that can never happen, I cannot forgive him.” Chung, who became a member of the Millennium Democratic Party’s supreme council by trumpeting "leadership by a person in his 40s" in August 2000, openly demanded resignation of Kwon Noh-gap, who was effectively considered the "eldest brother of the Donggyo-dong (Kim Dae-jung) faction," by raising issue with the faction’s despotism at dinner at the presidential office chaired by the then President Kim Dae-jung at the end of that year.” This move became catalyst for Chung fever in the Democratic Party and he had instant stardom. Insiders in the political circle call Kwon’s remarks "revenge against Chung for the first time in 15 years."

Kim Se-kyun, co-chairman of the preparatory committee to inaugurate the People’s Gathering party, is reportedly urging Chung to run in the April 29 by-election at Seoul’s Gwanak B district. Kwon said, “If (Chung) causes division within the opposition camp, he will see his political lifespan come to end,” while Kim blasted Kwon, saying, “He seems to be taking vengeance for his resentment from 15 years go.” Chung has taken a path, which makes his supporters more disappointed at him. Whichever path he takes this time, Chung seems to have little chance to achieve political revival.