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MMA Fighter Recounts Robbery Experience in US

Posted December. 02, 2009 07:52,   


What would happen if mixed martial arts fighter Chu Sung-hoon, who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, encountered robbers?

The Korean Japanese posted a personal account of just such an incident on his Japanese-language blog (ameblo.jp/yoshihiro-akiyama), and this has drawn attention in Korea.

While training in the U.S. last month, Chu was eating at a restaurant with no other customers. Two men approached the cashier at the counter and said something upon entering.

Choo initially thought they were customers, but sensed trouble after seeing the cashier grow afraid. Soon after, the fighter realized the two men were trying to rob the restaurant.

From then on, Chu said so many thoughts entered his mind. He tried to remember the faces and attire of the robbers as much as he could, and then thought about what to do if threatened.

Despite the nerve-wracking moment, he decided and concentrated on two options. If the robbers had guns, he thought, he would beg for his life despite being a professional fighter. If they had knives, however, he would fight and try to knock them down.

He then readied himself to fight in his seat, only to have the situation come to an unexpected end. The robbers just left the restaurant without incident.

“I thought that they left the restaurant out of fear after seeing my face, but I was mistaken,” he said shyly. “The cashier told me that when he flatly denied having any money on him, the robbers just left.”