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The rock sitting on the roof

Posted November. 19, 2022 07:24,   

Updated November. 19, 2022 07:24


Life fears unexpected situations, but poetry loves surprises. Just because it's different from what you expected, it doesn't mean it's all good. In some poems, our guesses are shattered, but strangely, the shatters do not go far away. Instead, they come into us.

When I first read this poem, not the famous "rock on the roof,” but the unexpectedness of not the famous "violin on the roof," grabbed my attention. And it resonated with me deeply because the person who climbed the roof with a rock was not foolish. It makes me want to cry a little because the rock was a child, and whenever the father wanted to abandon the world, he took comfort by piggybacking his child on his back. And in the part where the rock-like child was still sitting on the roof, I sat beside the father.

Likewise, nothing in this poem isn’t unique. It means rocks can be a burden, a reason to live, and an island or a dream. So, for those crying due to failed tests, not a thing in our life has already been decided. The suffering rock of your heart can always turn into something else. Besides, don't forget that you are the precious and pretty rock that made your parents live.