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U.S. midterm results to come as early as Wednesday afternoon

U.S. midterm results to come as early as Wednesday afternoon

Posted November. 09, 2022 08:11,   

Updated November. 09, 2022 08:11


U.S. midterm elections have begun, which are a prelude to the 2024 presidential election. With former president Donald Trump practically announcing to run for the presidential election, the GOP announced to reverse the Biden administration’s major accomplishments by capitalizing on widespread fears of economic recession. Democrats, on the other hand, have declared an all-out war against Donald Trump and framed the midterm elections as a “test for American democracy.”

The midterm elections include all 435 seats in the House, 35 Senate races, and 36 governorships. Starting in Vermont, the 2022 midterm elections began in the morning of Nov. 8. The overall result will come as early as Wednesday afternoon.

Republicans have a solid chance of winning a House majority and are slightly favored to win the Senate. Democrats are also rallying support in closely divided Senate races. The Republican-controlled Senate in four years will thwart the Biden administration’s efforts on many fronts.

Former President Donald Trump said he would make a “big announcement” in Florida on Nov. 15, implying that he would run for the next presidential election. President Biden, in the meantime, emphasized that the country is fighting against the darkest power in history and that he expects a good result in the Senate as well as the House.