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Star and fish

Posted June. 18, 2022 07:33,   

Updated June. 18, 2022 07:33


Deep inside, a star is a stone. The difference between the two is that a stone fallen to the ground doesn’t shine but the one up in the sky does. This is why people love stars. We are just like a stone scattered on the ground but a stone shining in the sky can’t be easily forgotten.

Some say a star is a sort of fire. Hungarian philosopher Georg Lukacs said that “the fire burning in soul” and “a star in the sky” have the same characteristics. It means that the ideal we aimed and the light that make our soul live are a star.

Many poets wrote poems on stars. Poet Lee Yook-sa said “Let Us Sing of a Star” and Yoon Dong-ju couldn’t get to sleep “Counting the Stars at Night” However, the stars for poets are not only in the night sky. They also exist, clear and bright, in our heart full of aspirations for a star. This becomes clear once more, reading through the poem of Hwang Geum-chan.

The starlight comes down to the lake, and fish eat stars. No matter how much they eat, stars don’t dry up. They are always floating in the deep sky. Poet Hwang wrote many poems, but this poem was his most cherished one. It means he loved stars the most. Looking at the poet following stars, we may seek for a star in our heart.